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Children's Ear Piercings

Are you looking to get your child’s ears pierced? Awesome! Here at Icon we are happy to help! We decided to write a little article about child’s lobes specifically since we do so many, and get even more questions.

Why Icon? We offer a safe alternative to the piercing gun- as many people already know piercing guns are highly dangerous. They have been known to misfire on people, can’t be consistently sterilized, and operators often have little to no training. In the mall, they often don’t even have a clean sink for hand washing, or sterile gloves (as required by law for a body piercing in many states). Many parents have experience with traumatic piercing gun experiences, or personally deal with uneven or crooked piercings. Don’t just take our word for it, look at what Good Housekeeping , the Associoation of Professional Piercers , and CafeMomhave to say. Piercing guns are slowly becoming a way of the past, and personally, we are very happy! An actual human piercer is cleaner, more precise, and carries less risk of a mechanical malfunction or issue. Some people hear this and go, so my only alternative is a scary tattoo shop?! I can’t bring my child there! Well, that’s not the only alternative anymore. As the industry has changed, so have studios updated with the times. This means an inviting, family friendly environment. No scary music or intimidating art, we’ve built a space where clients of all ages are welcome! In fact, kids are one of our favorites to pierce! We are always honored to be someones first body piercing experience. We even carry a specialized style of jewelry for the little ones. It’s a patented style called push pin or threadless jewelry. Rather then the large or uncomfortable butterfly backs, they have a small disc for the back, and the fronts are removable. This also means no sharp post like from a gun, which can scrape or cut your child in their sleep. They have an adjustable lock that allows us to set the tightness of the pieces. So while the piercings are healing they will be locked nice and tight so they won’t just fall out. Once healed we can loosen the jewelry so it’s easily removed. We do carry implant grade titanium and 14k gold choices in traditional earrings if you’d like to switch to those once healed.     Some children are scared the needle may hurt more then the gun. The good news is it actually hurts less, on top of being cleaner and safer. It’s all around the better bet! Piercing needles are actually designed for piercing, as opposed to piercing guns which use blunt force to push the earring through the ear. A piercing needle is a gentler, less traumatic method to performing a piercing.

So, what do you need for your child’s ear piercing? We strongly suggest making an appointment for anyone 12 and younger. You can either call or stop in to schedule. Coming by in person before hand is a good idea because it gives the child a chance to see the store and meet the staff. For children 8 and under we strongly suggest a consultation prior to piercing. So when it’s time for the big day, it’s not a scary or unfamiliar place, and it’s not their first time meeting us. With an appointment, you can also let us know your child’s favorite show or songs in advance, and we will make sure it’s playing for them in the lobby and piercing room when they arrive!     For any minor we require proper ID- parents ID, and ID for the minor (passport, state ID, or birth certificate and school ID). We suggest bringing a favorite stuffed animal or toy for your child to hold on to while we are working with them. It helps them feel safe and comfortable. Having some snacks and a favorite drink is also handy. As many family members as would like can come, and we have seating for everyone in the piercing room. It’s good to note we allow photos, but no video please! There is a certain level of care needed for any body piercing, which you can read about on our aftercare page. Remind your children that they need to be responsible with cleaning and caring for their new earrings, and being gentle with them. If you are considering getting your child’s lobes pierced, please call or come by, and consider us for your little one’s first body piercing!

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