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Apprentice Resources

Interested in becoming a body piercer? Curious about getting into the industry? Piercing is becoming a more and more competitive market, and every year thousands of people seek to fill only hundreds of spots for apprenticeships around the world. This page collects the best resources about how to safely and correctly get an apprenticeship and get into the industry. 

And it all starts with this blog post here- which I suggest reading first before the rest of the resources on this page. 

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Most of the education you get to become a piercer will happen during your apprenticeship proper. However, there are a few things you can do before your apprenticeship to get the ball rolling and look like a better candidate. 

Historical and Cultural Resources

Body Piercing has a long history as a part of various cultures, traditions, and religious practices around the world. In modern times the piercing industry is rooted in LGBTQIA culture and community. To truly learn about piercing, you must understand its history and where it comes from. The following list contains educational media and resources to learn about the history of piercing and how it became what it is today.


The following resources are designed to help those interested in getting into the industry learn how to do so correctly, and safely. Apprentices often have more rights than they realize, and there is a method to getting quality training in this industry. 

Advanced Education

Are you able to afford to take some in-person or online courses to get ahead in this industry? The following are educational resources that can make a huge difference in your apprenticeship experience. Note: Some apprenticeships include these as part of your education, and will want you to wait to do these till you are at a specific point in your education. 

  • Gemological Institute of America Applied Jewelry Professional Degree: This degree is a must for anyone working with genuine stones, and is incredibly relevant in piercing studios. Someone with their AJP is and advanced candidate for an apprenticeship with their foundation of gemstones and jewelry. 

  • The Fakir Intensives: Started in 1991 by Fakir Musafar the fakir intensives brings amazing body piercers from across the country together to educate hands-on. The intensives teach safe, sophisticated, and spiritual body piercing.  These classes are not a replacement for an apprenticeship, but rather a supplement to one. At the time of publishing this the fakir intensives are the only quality in-person piercing training course I feel is worth going to. 

Have resources you think belong here?

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