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Got questions about piercings? Lynn's got answers. 

Help! I've got a bump on my piercing!

Oh no! First, don't panic. Bumps happen on piercings, and while they aren't ideal, they also aren't the end of the world. If you want more information about these bumps check out this blog post here which break down how these bumps work and happen. From there, do you have a reputable piercer you trust? Reach out to them! If you don't, I can be contacted via email or instagram to assist with these issues. 

How do I find a good piercer?

We've got a whole blog post here that break down how to research for a good piercer, and also how to research different piercings! 

Where can I buy body jewelry online?

We have a whole list of our favorite online stores here! And a guide to shopping safely online as well.

How do I become a piercer?

This is far and away one of my most asked questions. And the answer is always the same, the only way to become a good piercer is through an apprenticeship. I have a whole blog post here about good apprenticeships, why they can be hard to find, and how I would would go about getting one. Read that blog first!  But I would also suggest reading about some of the skills needed to become a good apprentice, and also the skills needed to be a good mentor so you know what to look for from a teacher. I would also make yourself aware of the issues with abuse in the industry, and how to avoid it. Jef Saunders also has a fantastic blog about becoming a piercer on his Patron Piercing Nerd.

How do I stretch my ears?

Lynn has an ear stretching guide here! They also have guides for Septum stretching, Labret Stretching, and Stacking Piercings! Lynn even has a video guide for stretching with lots of good resources!

What is Front of House?

Front of house often written FoH is an integral part of most modern piercing studios. They are the folks who great you when you come in, get your paperwork started. They are jewelry stylists and often help choose all your pieces and placements for the day. They can often help with troubleshooting and healing. They are often photographers and take pictures of your work. They are social media wizards, answering you online, posting great content, and keeping our pages exciting! This is not just a job but a career one can make a living doing. 

How do I become Front of House?

I have a whole blog post here about getting a job working front of house! But I also suggest making yourself aware of systemic issues with abuse in this position, and the industry at large, as well. 

How much should I tip my piercer?

Tips are never expected, always appreciated. Please don't stress about tipping, and simply choose an amount that's comfortable for you. Some clients tip percentage like you might on food/hair/nails, some tip a flat rate. Some are generous and leave large tips, and some are creative and bring food, drinks, cat toys, or things they've made! Some clients leave good reviews, send thank you cards. Some clients aren't able to tip at all, and that's ok too. Honestly, at least with Lynn, they are just excited to pierce you. <3 

You can see Lynn give a breakdown on tip etiquette here

How do I get pierced by Lynn?

Lynn is currently guesting and traveling to pierce full time. You can see their upcoming dates on the homepage, and follow their travels via instagram, tiktok, and YouTube. 

Is Lynn appointment only?

Lynn currently works at Laughing Buddha in Seattle which is appointment only. 

 Lynn is currently offering under mask services, however advanced work must be scheduled through her directly.

Lynn does require an appointment for all genital piercings, all surface piercings, modified industrials, front facing nostrils, large gauge initial piercings, inverted nipples, surgically altered nipples, and surgically altered navels. These services will not be preformed without an appointment. 

For the following services Lynn requires a consultation prior to booking:

-high nostrils 



-large gauge oral piercings 

-paired tongue piercings 

-custom bent and multi point industrials 

You can submit the contact form on this site or message her on Instagram to consult and schedule for these services. If you do not contact Lynn prior to scheduling these appointments for a virtual consult and chat you will not be pierced. These services require communication and consult with Lynn prior to booking. 

What is the fee to have Lynn help/look at my piercing?

There is never any charge for Lynn to help with these questions or issues, and they do answer every single message (it just sometimes takes a while! We ask 24-48 hours for a response if you are not one of Lynn's in person clients) That said, if anyone wants to tip Lynn for their time, their Venmo is @Lynn-Loheide

 Will Lynn apprentice me to pierce?

Lynn is currently not taking any apprentices. They are currently traveling, guesting, and learning! It is however very likely once they settle down at a permanent studio they will consider taking on an apprentice if the studio permits.

I am a piercer/apprentice, can I come shadow Lynn? 

Yes! Lynn loves having folks out to shadow and learn. Our doors are always open to helping other piercers learn, grow, and become the best they can be! You can email Lynn at to set up shadowing if it's avaible at the studio she's guesting at!

Where are those glasses from?!

Lynn's glasses are from Quay (hearts), Glasseslit (cats eye with tiny hands), TIJN (hexagons, large squares, tortishell) , and Zenni. They are all prescription. 

What are Lynn's pronouns?

Lynn prefers they/them pronouns but will use any, and is non-binary. 

What plastic surgery procedures did Lynn have and who did them?

Lynn sees Dr. Salama at Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL. They had a BBL in February of 2020 and Masculinizing 360 Lipo and Masculinizing Jaw Lipo in April of 2021.

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