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I’ve been a client of Lynn’s for about three years, traveling from out of state to see her.  I knew I wanted to be pierced by her when I saw pictures of her work on Instagram and thought her piercing placement and jewelry selection was some of the best I’d seen.  Lynn has an astounding ability to select just the right spot to pierce that accentuates the anatomy, showcases beautiful jewelry, and to create a cohesive design with other piercings.  
When I got a chance to talk to Lynn before coming to see her, I realized that her expertise went far beyond just piercing skills and a good sense of design.  Lynn has an encyclopedic knowledge of gems and jewelry materials, an understanding of human physiology as it relates to piercing (is the piercing placement long term livable and stable, are the materials safe, and what is the best way to heal a piercing), she knows piercing and body modification history, and she takes the utmost care to work above the legal standards for safety and hygiene.  
Lynn’s knowledge extends to jewelry design as well.  Once I’d become a client, Lynn worked with Sleeping Goddess body jewelry and designed three unique pieces for me made from old family diamonds that integrated beautifully in my ear project.  I loved that she recognized the old style cuts and inclusions in the stones and designed settings that showed off all the special characteristics of my diamonds as piercing jewelry.
Even more important, Lynn is a delightful human and it is obvious she cares for her clients and loves her work.  Not every client wants high end solid gold jewelry.  Lynn takes just as much care and time with a piercing that isn’t all bling – and that means a lot because her skills can be accessible to everyone.

Client Testimonials: Piercing Services
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Lynn started piercing my ears about 3 years ago and we have had a wonderful professional relationship.  She exudes enthusiasm for piercing and jewelry and you always feel loved and special when you walk out the door.

I will start with her piercing style.  She takes her time explaining every aspect of what to expect during the actual piercing.  She talks one through the process so it does not seem intimidating or foreign while you are getting your piercing.  Her calm style and soft and steady hands always made me feel very safe while being pierced by Lynn.  Some of the piercings Lynn did on my ears are: triple conch, flat piercings, stacking piercings.  I have been pierced over 10 times by Lynn so I can say she always takes her time, finds the best positions for piercings, and helps you breathe through the process.

She has a wonderful chairside manner for lack of a better way of putting it.

Lynn takes great pleasure and pride in her jewelry curations and knowledge of gems.  If I wanted my jewelry curated there is simply no one I would trust more than Lynn.  As a person with an art background she sees things others, like me, could never dream of.  Many of her curations have gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest.

She helped me pick out dozens of pieces from BVLA, Maria Tash, and Sleeping Goddess for both my ears.  My left ear was curated with a stars and moon theme using white gold, diamonds, and pearls.  Lynn always had suggestions to add more layers for dimension and texture.
My right ear is a curation in nature and animals.  The triple conch is one that has gone viral and I often get asked about the pieces.  My right ear is a combination of metals and stones.  I have to thank Lynn for pushing me out of my comfort zone and introducing new gems and making me feel different metal colors do actually match.
Her knowledge of the actual gems might be unparalleled d in the piercing industry.  She was the driving force in the quality and level of jewelry her former studio offered.  I always knew I was getting what I paid for when Lynn was showing me pieces.

South Florida is a little less sparkly without Lynn here.  Although her piercing, ear curations, and jewelry knowledge were key to her profession, her sweet disposition and care for her clients is what made Lynn truly stand out.  We will all miss her down here and I hope to see her again.

Client Testimonials: About
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Lynn Loheide: Gemstone enthusiast, sparkly, intelligent, unicorn, empathetic, funny, piercer....

All of these words describe Lynn, but having me tell you how awesome she is will never cut it. You have to go see her. Talk to her about your goals and ideas, and find out for yourself how amazing she is, and what a phenomenal experience she can provide.

I’ve been getting non-standard piercings for about 30 years, and am far from an expert. Lynn is an AMAZING educator, and I’ve learned a lot about how to better care for my older piercings, as well as the many new ones she helped me add. She's walked me through many difficult, challenging piercings and ensured everything was perfectly pierced, and healed perfectly She’s also great at ear-curations. She’s helped me design the most beautiful custom jewelry pieces, and is a must-have for someone like me who loves EVERYTHING. Lynn keeps me in check without compromising the ME. Yes, she tells me no, but only to anything unsafe, or anything she knows I won't love. She makes sure every piercing I get and every dollar I spend is perfect, and nothing is wasted. 

She’s just as good (if not better) at finding options to offer me that are even better then what I imagined. I REGRET NOTHING! If you’re wondering if you should see Lynn, just look at her photos of my ear, and the words from my heart. I wish she stayed here forever — but I need to share her genius with the world!

Client Testimonials: About
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It is a privilege to be pierced by Lynn! She is quick (and gentle!) with the needle, but takes her time explaining aftercare and answering your questions. Her bedside manner is fantastic, and her eye for aesthetics is unmatched! For all her talent, she never puts off an elitist vibe. Getting pierced by her feels like getting pierced by an old friend who also happens to be a magic piercing wizard!


Client Testimonials: About
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