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Front of House Scholarship

Front of House, Counter Staff, and Jewelry Stylists are a crucial and important role in modern piercing studios. Front of House not only greets clients, checks them in, and gets their experience in a studio started. But often styles and curates ear piercings, does basic anatomy assessments, helps with troubleshooting, aftercare, and questions. They answer phones, kill it at social media, take beautiful photographs, and keep a studio clean and running smoothly. Without them, many studios could not operate to the level and volume that they do. 

 In an effort to help highlight the amazing work and efforts of the wonderful FoH around the industry and encourage others to take this career path, I have decided to start the Front of House Scholarship Program. This is a scholarship to attend the yearly annual Association of Professional Piercers Conference, and take courses to further your career and education as Front House. 

This Scholarship includes a Full Pass to the yearly APP Conference. It is eligible to FoH working in studios only. Piercers, Apprentices, or Piercers who work both FoH and pierce do not qualify. This is for FoH/Jewelry Specialists only. You must pay for your travel and accommodations while at conference. I can help arrange for room share at conference, and also help any recipients with applying for a full course load. 

Applications for 2023 are now closed. Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship Recipients! 

"Hi there, I’m Rhys Black and my pronouns are they/he! I am a jewelry specialist and content creator at Dorje Adornments in Rochester, NY. I have been working in the industry for the past 10 months, and am extremely passionate about safe piercing education. As FoH, I help set the tone of a client’s experience in the studio, provide educational details, aid in jewelry selection/curation, and create reels/tiktoks for our studio’s Instagram!"
















"My name is Maggie & I am from Saint Charles Missouri. I’m a girl mom, dog mom, house plant enthusiast, and jewelry buyer. When I started my job I had no idea where it would take me or how much I would fall in love with the industry. I’m a year in and I can’t imagine doing much else. Jewelry changed my life! "






Applications for conference 2024 will open on November 1st 2023, and they will close on January 12th 2024.

This is sponsored by the amazing folks at Cowpok, Icon, and my Patreon Subscribers who have made this educational opportunity possible 

To Apply:

-You MUST be employed in a studio, and provide proof of employment as FoH only.

This can include social media, a letter from your employer, or studio websites listing you and your position. 

-Please Answer the Following Questions

-Why do you want to attend conference?

-Have you attended conference previously? 

-Are you able to provide travel and food accommodations for yourself while at conference?

-Will you act accordingly as a representative of this scholarship (abstain from heavy drinking and drug use, present yourself in a respectful manner)?

-What does being Front of House mean to you?

-What do you see as the future for Front of House in the industry?

-How can piercers better advocate for Front of House?

When applications are open responses will be able to be submitted via

Covid Policy-

If conference 2023 is canceled due to covid, the recipient of the scholarship will have it roll over to the next applicable conference. If for some reason the recipient is unable to attend, even due to covid concerns, they will forfeit their scholarship, and it will be given to a runner up who is able to attend. They will have the ability to reapply the following year. 

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