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Genital and Nipple Portfolio

The following is an 18+ portfolio of nipple and genital piercings by Lynn, as well as information about some of the more specialized services offered. Lynn has been piercing for over 10 years and offers a full range of these more intimate piercings. For more information about genital piercings please check the FAQ here

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Gender Affirming Genital Piercings 

For many trans and nonbinary clients, body piercings can be an effective alternative to bottom surgery. Piercings can alleviate dysphoria, create new sensations, improve function, and create a unique aesthetic. Piercings are a way to deepen our connection with our bodies and help align our bodies with our authentic selves. As a Non-Binary Trans person Lynn feels strongly about the connection piercings can create with our bodies and enjoys bringing this connection to other clients. 

Piercings for Bodily Reclamation

Statistically, most of us will experience assault or trauma during our lives, a great majority of that being sexual in nature. Be it from sexual harassment or assault, intimate partner violence, or even trauma from pregnancy and birth, religious trauma, and medical trauma, many of us carry these traumas in our bodies. This can cause us to feel disconnected from ourselves and the skin we are in. Piercing can be an empowering, cathartic way to reclaim our bodies and reconnect. We can use piercings to create something their hands have never touched. We can use piercings to remind us our bodies are ours, and to build healthy memories of consent and positivity surrounding these body parts. Lynn is a trauma survivor themselves who uses a Trauma-Informed approach to work with other survivors to do empowering, healing body piercing work. 

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Post Surgical Body Piercings 

From breast augmentations and reductions, to top surgery, to phalloplasty and vaginoplasty, and more, there are a number of common surgical procedures one might have done on these intimate areas. However, surgery leaves scarring and can deeply impact our ability to pierce afterwards. Successful piercing requires a piercer educated in not only the piercing being done, but the surgeries, how they are preformed, and their effect on the body. With over 10 years of experience Lynn has worked closely with both clients and surgeons to refine techniques for piercing surgically altered tissue.  Please be aware not everyone is suitable for piercing post op- these are done on a case by case basis only on those with suitable tissue for piercing. Most clients will need to be 1-2 years + post op for piercing to be viable. 

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