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Purple Curtain

Lynn Loheide

Body Piercer / Online Educator


Social Media

@LynnLoheide - Instagram, TikTok, Reddit

@LoheideLynn- Twitter

Date of Birth:

October 7, 1993

A Bit About Me

 I’ve been passionate about piercings since I was a young teen, and I’m now proud to share my passion with others. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years, and I am so grateful to do something I love so much every day. My focus in recent years has been creating accessible educational content for clients and piercers online via social media. In the studio, I love doing identity-affirming piercings, with a focus on gender-affirming work for the queer and trans communities. I enjoy guesting at new studios, seeing how others work, and the challenge of acclimating quickly to a new workplace. I pride myself on being a polite, efficient, tidy guest and my goal for every guest spot is to leave the studio better than I found it. 

When I am not piercing I enjoy being outside in nature, reading books, watching anime, and hanging out with my fat, mean cat, Girlfriend. 


Work Experience

Full Time Piercer
Laughing Buddha Seattle
July 2023- Present

Guest Piercer
Cowpok, Laughing Buddha, Sweet Leaf, Big Guns, Iris
February 2022-June 2023

Full Time Piercer & Studio Manager 
Icon Nashville
October 2019-February 2022

Working as a Full Service Piercer, offering ear, facial, body, and genital piercings. Fcousing on social media and commuinity outreach, specfically within the LGBTQ+ comminity. Encourages positive industry relationships by hosting regular shadowing and educational oppurtinities for local piercers. 

Full-time traveling piercer, offering all services. Quickly and thoroughly adjust to new studios workflow, piercing approach, aftercare, and local and state requirements. Adept at working high to mid-volume. Comfortable doing own Front-of-House, or working alongside a FoH team. Focused on building positive client relationships, sharing education with other industry members, and fostering growth through travel. 

Working as a Full Service Piercer, offering ear, facial, body, and genital piercings. Refined a specialization in Gender Affirming piercing with a focus on post-transition genital piercings. I remained proficient in both freehand and tool-based techniques and worked with high-quality jewelry from sales to insertion. 

Studio Manager from December 2019-Februarty 2022, developed and implemented operating standards, guidelines, and procedures. Maintained social media, launched an online store, and grew internet presence. Led and Directed team members on efficient methods, and encouraged continuing education. 

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