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Post Covid-19 Studio Etiquette

As states begin to ease Covid-19 restrictions, and post plans and timeline for reopening, I know what many of you are thinking. Finally! I can get some help with my piercing, get a new piercing, or get some new jewelry! Yay! Trust me- I’m just as excited to see all your smiling faces when we get back to it! But, like pretty much everything else, your trip to the studio is going to look different then in the past. This is a quick guideline to studio etiquette in a post covid-19 world.

You’re going to need an Appointment

Almost every state that has announced reopening timelines are specifying being appointment only for most services like piercing, tattoo, hair, nails, etc. And this makes sense- being appointment only allows us to control how many people are in the studio at a time. Social distancing is going to be essential to keeping the spread down, and appointments are a big way we can do that. Yes, that means you’ll probably need an appointment for just a quick jewelry change, downsize, or checkup. Call or message your studio once they announce a reopening timeline and see what their policies will be!

Plus 1,2, 3, 4…… not anymore

I know, half the fun of getting a piercing (or a tattoo) is bringing a friend or family member (or a few) as moral support! It’s much easier to get through a piercing with a hand to hold and a friendly face. But, just like most studios will be going appointment only for social distancing, we’ll also need to limit the amount of extras in the studio. That means you’ll likely need to come alone. Consider booking back to back appointments with friends, and coming in one at a time. You can show each other the fresh piercings outside right after, and still get the experience of going together!

Respect new studio guidelines and limitations

Depending on the state and local regulations, and your piercers policies and preferences, you may find yourself disappointed at some of the changes. Some states are requiring masks at ALL times in public and retail. This means no nostril or oral piercings, and limitations on some ear piercings. Your studio may be refusing to offer these just on safety concerns. Piercing on minors may be limited due to state or studio regulations. I know its hard to wait this long and not be able to get the piercing or work you wanted, but please know these things are in place to protect you, and us. Please be respectful and understanding about policy changes like these.

Will it play nice with a mask?

If your studio or piercer reopens without any limitations you still should ask yourself- does this piercing work with a mask? Nostril piercings in particular are a really, really hard heal while wearing a mask. Trust me- I healed 2 sets after working as a piercer and wearing a mask at work and if I had a dollar for every time I snagged them I could retire happy. Likewise, depending on your ear anatomy some ear piercings are going to be tricky with a mask. Please keep this in mind when planning your first few trips to your studio!

Don’t come if you’ve been sick, or could be sick. Just don’t.

This is an obvious one, but please if you are sick, have been sick, if there’s any possible chance you could be sick. Do NOT come to the studio. We will be seeing many clients daily and weekly, and you put us, and them at risk if you are sick. And if enough people get sick, we’ll be closing back down again. So please, please, do not come to the studio if there is even the slightest risk you are unwell.

You’ll be helping us keep things clean, too.

Thats right, keeping the studio clean is going to be your job just as much as its going to be ours! You’ll likely be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands when you enter, and multiple times during the procedure process, to help keep things clean. Most studios already have a policy against handling worn jewelry or your piercings in the studio, but this is likely going to be strictly enforced now. I know sometimes you can’t control accidentally touching a piercing, but try your best, and please don’t get offended if we ask you to stop and offer you some hand sanitizer after. You may also have your temperature checked, be asked to wear gloves and a mask, or asked to wait in your car till the exact time of your appointment. Please understand all these things are for your safety, and the safety of our staff!

The best thing you can be is understanding

This is a strange, unique, and unprecedented time for all of us. As an industry we are working our hardest to figure out the safest way to get back to doing what we love, and helping you, our wonderful clients. That looks different for every piercer and every state, and it might look different day to day and week to week. Information is constantly changing and being updated. Who knows, in a few weeks some of the advice I write here might not be accurate. The best thing you can do in this time is be understanding and patient with your local studio. Understand that they don’t know much more than you or anyone else, and we are all just trying our best. Policies may change often, rules may keep swapping. Please email, message, or reach out! Double check before you schedule an appointment or come in! And please be patient with us as we navigate these uncertain waters of reopening!

This time of crisis has been challenging to us all, but I know that by coming together as a community we will survive. The piercing industry will come out of this changed, but still the beautiful family I am proud to call home. I can not wait to get back to making all of you sparkle, in the safest ways possible! <3

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