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Piercing, Math, and Angles- How it Adds up

We have a saying around here- “Piercing is like Math- you gotta show your work!”, but how does that explain why we’re taking a picture up your nose?!? Well, with body piercing, there are a lot of important factors: a clean procedure, high quality jewelry, and of course a healthy piercing. One factor not everyone considers though, is the angle of the piercing. It may look pretty and perfect from the front, but if the piercing is passing through the body at a bad angle (crooked, uneven, etc) the chances of the piercing healing well are lessened. When a piercing is on an incorrect angle, it puts pressure on the piercing, which can lead to irritation bumps and even disrupt or entirely prevent healing. This mistake can also mean the jewelry may not sit correctly. So here at Icon we want to show that our angles are great!

If you take a look at the portfolios of our piercers’ work, you will often see photos from behind an ear, up a nose, etc. We include those photos on almost every piercing we can, to show the angle of our piercer’s work. We feel it is equally as important to show that our piercings are straight and sitting correctly, as it is to show off the pretty jewelry. Keep in mind that different piercings require different photos. So lets talk about some of our most common piercings preformed: with ears and nostrils, look for photos that show the ear or nose piercings going perpendicular through the tissue. With septums, we show photos from up the nose and from the side of it to show how our septum piercings sit in the sweet spot of cartilage, tight to the nose and high to the tip of it. Although sometimes when it comes to special anatomy, like deviated septums, we pierce it differently to keep the piercing looking straight to the clients face since their nose is different than others.

In the case of industrials, they should have both piercings angled in line with one another; if they aren’t on matching angels, there runs the risk of pressure irritations forming. We post angle photos from even our most experienced piercers, because you are never too old or too experienced to stop showing your work!

When looking for a reputable piercing studio, be it us or someone else, always look for these shots in a piercers’ portfolio. It’s important to see that their work is consistent and promotes happy healing. When you come in and work with our piercers here at Icon, you may also find us encouraging you to peek up your own nose or take a look behind your ears because we want you to feel as confidant in your new piercing as we do!  Now, its up to the client to keep that angle and piercing looking awesome. Be aware that if piercings, particularly cartilage, are slept on or not downsized, the angle can actually shift causing those undesirable results; so be sure to care for your piercings and visit us for your free check ups! It’s necessary to come in for your shorter jewelry as soon as it’s safe to change, and in the meantime be mindful about sleeping on your piercings while they are still healing. Your diligence paired with our dedication will make for healthy and happy piercings!

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