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Phone Etiquette in the Piercing Room

Getting a new body piercing is super exciting! Everything about the process from picking out jewelry to the actual procedure is super fun and interesting. For that reason we totally understand your desire to document the whole process! But, there’s some definite etiquette for having phones out in a studio, which not every client may be aware of. So this article is all about proper phone etiquette in a piercing studio.

Ask First, Respect the Rules

Hopefully this is obvious, but ask someone before taking photos or videos of them. For a number of reasons someone may not want to be documented, and it’s always polite in any situation to ask someone. Counter staff, Piercers, Tattoo artists, etc. Please ask us if it’s ok to take our picture or record. And remember that certain studios may have policies about photos and videos. We know it’s disappointing to hear you may be limited in what you can do, but those rules exist for a reason. And, please, don’t try to sneak a video or photo after being told no. I catch people doing this often and it’s very disrespectful. The biggest issue I mention is you don’t know how someone feels about being filmed. What if your artist or piercer gets nervous being recorded. Do you really want them to look up mid piercing, realize they are being recorded, and become shaky, nervous, or distracted? I didn’t think so. Other studios may have insurance policies that limit recording, that you are violating by filming or taking photos. Perhaps your artist or piercer is dealing with a personal life situation with an abusive ex or stalker, and doesn’t want to be filmed so that person doesn’t find them? You never know. Always ask someone before recording and photographing, and respect their no if they ask you not to.

Keep a Safe Distance

If you are able to take photos or videos, awesome! But while you are please remember to keep a comfortable distance from us while we are working. We may need to walk or move around the client during a procedure, and we don’t want to bump into you! There are also safety concerns with being too close. I have been in the middle of installing jewelry and had someone shove a phone between me and the client, and accidentally smack the jewelry directly from my hands! There is never a reason to be within touching distance of either the piercer or the client when you record or photograph. Your video will still come out just as good from a safe, comfortable distance away from the piercer or artist. We also have to keep cleanliness in mind. I've seen folks touch their phones to a sterile setup, contaminating all of the supplies for the piercing just to get the perfect photo. A good rule of thumb is to ask where you can safely stand for photos, and what you can and can’t get near.

Respect the Client’s Wishes

Even if the studio and piercer allow photos and videos, please be respectful of the client’s wish. If the client is comfortable with photos and video, awesome! But if they have expressed that they don’t want any, please respect that. It is about the experience of the person being pierced, and many people don’t want photos and videos of their piercing. Being recorded or photographed can make folks more stressed and nervous, and they just don’t want to deal with that. So make sure your friend or family member is comfortable along with the piercer and studio!

We understand you are super excited for your new, awesome experience! If you do plan to document the day, please make sure you do so in a way that is respectful of the person being pierced, the studio, and their staff. And enjoy your adorable new sparkle!

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