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Kink and Body Piercings

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

It’s pride month! As always, I try to write at least one super queer article every year for pride. You didn’t think I forgot this year did ya?? Last year we debunked the myth of “the gay ear” and took a look as piercing history. Today, let’s talk about an important element of LGBTQIA piercing history- Kink! Kink and pride go hand in hand for body piercing, and pride month is a great time to celebrate being able to be exactly who you are and celebrate what you are into, out of the shadows. Pride itself was a riot against police brutality, and in defense of these identities. Pride inherently isn't kinky. But body piercing, particularly early body piercing in America and the UK, is very queer, and very kinky. For a long time not only was being openly gay something most couldn’t dream of, but a safe space to practice kinks and fetishes was unheard of. Early body piercing has been permanently shaped by LGBTQIA kink spaces, in particular the leather bdsm and bear scene. It was in dungeons and bdsm parties around the country that modern piercing was born, and grew! We can’t have one without the other. The Gauntlet, America's first body piercing studio, was directly born of gay men looking for a space to pierce each other. And their initial piercing menu featured almost exclusively genital piercings. These days acceptance has grown, and many cities host fetish clubs, safe spaces, and parties where one can get weird and wild. Just like back then, piercings and kink play well together. So here is a brief overview, from a professional piercer, on getting kinky with your piercings!

Permanent Piercings

Permanent piercings are piercings you get pierced with the intention of healing, and wearing jewelry in full time, long term. Not to be confused with play piercings, piercings done with the intention of removing them after, and not done with the intention to heal or last. When getting permanent piercings, please seek out a professional piercer. Even if you engage in piercing play during a scene, the knowledge of anatomy, placement, sizing, jewelry, etc is all wildly different when it comes to permanent piercings. Seek a professional piercer, preferably one experienced with offering services for kinksters, to assist.

Be honest about your goals for these piercings. Weight play? Chastity? Aesthetics? Knowing these things will allow your piercer to appropriately advice you on placement, sizing, and healing. For piercings intended for heavy play or devices, starting at a thicker gauge is going to be better for stability and long term durability. We may place things differently if we know the function you have in mind. A reputable piercer will be comfortable discussing this with you, and offering frank and honest advice. A red flag would be a piercer who isn’t willing to hear your actual goals for the piercing and communicate honestly. I know this can be an awkward subject for many, but treat us like a doctor or other professional. We need to know the honest plans and goals for your piercings to assist you correctly. If you keep some of those things from us, you could end up with a piercing that doesn’t work for your needs. That said your piercer is not part of your scene. We are here to offer a professional, safe service. Be aware of boundaries, be respectful, and be polite. Trying to flirt, being overt, being too graphic, etc. is not necessary, and while I understand it’s exciting to be getting pierced, you must be respectful of the piercer working with you. Be honest, but don’t be inappropriate.

Remember your piercing needs time to heal. I know, its very exciting to have this new adornment but please take it easy! Refrain from any heavy or intense play until the piercing is fully healed, and you have been cleared to safely do so by your piercer. Don't just take the general healing timeframes, get specific clearance from your piercer for heavy play. Make sure you are diligent with care and cleaning, even after things are healed. And use your piercer as a resource. Irritation bump? Scene get too rough? Unsure what’s going on? Contact us! We are here to help and usually know the correct fix for any irritation or oops moment.

Play Piercings

Like mentioned above, play piercings are just done for fun, or art, or pleasure in the moment, and aren’t intended to be perfect or able to heal. You can seek out a piercer who offers play piercing services to assist, and we are happy to help with pretty corsets, cool designs, and whatever project you may have in mine. Many also practice play piercings privately in their scenes. Should you choose to do so, please make sure all parties are trained in CPR, First Aid, and BBP. Make sure all equipment is pre-sterlized, and you are prepping the area to be pierced adequately. Make sure you have a sharps container accessible for disposal of any needles or sharps, and ensure that it’s being picked up by medical waste professionals, not just thrown in the garbage. Any any time you engage in fluid play but particularly blood play, you should ensure all parties have been recently tested and are safe to play with. Having first aid kits on hand, as well as glucose and sweets if someone feels lightheaded is also essential. Please always play safely, and with consent.

Kink and Piercings have a deeply embedded past, and even as modern piercing has moved toward fashion and fun, that element of connection with kink still remains. Not as “cool” or as publicized these days, but studios around the country and world are still excited to assist their kink clients with all their piercing goals and desires! If this is something that has interested you, definitely do some reading and research, and consider booking a consult with a kink-informed piercer in your area to start a project of your own!

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